Geese Police & Bird Repellent

Green Earth Technologies’s Geese Police is a biodegradable concentrate that is mixed with water, and administered by direct contact spray applications. Geese Police can be sprayed to create a perimeter around elds and other areas to create an invisible barrier that Geese and other ocking birds such as seagulls, and crows are loathe to inhabit. Geese Police is a food safe FIFRA 25b exempt product. It has been used to deter birds from landlls, lawns, crops, golf courses and aliated buildings. Application should be heavy and frequent approximately every 2-3 days for the rst week and then weekly or bi-weekly, or as needed thereafter. Fresh applications are always recommended after a heavy rain.


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Green Earth Technologies’s Geese Police utilizes a novel mode of action by creating nano-sized droplets of various essential oils and food safe ingredients blended with soap and suspended in water. This combination is designed to create an unpleasant environment in terms of taste and odor that leads undesirable ocks to seek out other places for habitation, feeding, and nesting. The parenting instinct can overcome the unpleasant conditions created by Geese Police therefore, proper application requires an awareness of the target bird’s breeding habits, as application will be ineective if begun after nests have been built and eggs laid.


Product Specifications

ColorOpaque Yellow
pH10.6 -10.9