Fusarium Wilt Killer

Popularly known as tropical race 4 (TR4) or Panama disease, Fusarium wilt is posing a serious a challenge to the banana industry globally.

The Fusarium Killer is a Nano-Colloidal solution developed with natural oils, and our micelle technology. Designed to eliminate active infections, and can be applied as a preventative measure to combat encroachment from neighboring farms.


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It is environmentally friendly, harmless to humans, leaves no chemical residue on product or soil, and is easily applicable.

One of the secondary benefits is the ability to stop the growth or intrusion of M. grisea, commonly referred to as rice blast, a fungal disease that destroys up to 20% of the world’s rice crop each year.


Fusarium Killer can be quickly delivered to large affected areas via existing watering or water misting solutions, further reducing labor and application costs.


Product Specifications