Colloidal Pest Control & Powdery Mildew Remover

Green Earth Technologies ‘s Colloidal Pest Control w/Powdery Mildew Additive is a biodegradable concentrate that is mixed with water, and administered by direct contact spray applications. Designed primairly for agricultural applications the formula is administered 2-3 times per week, or as needed until the issue has been corrected, and twice weekly at half strength for preventative maintenance. Colloidal Pest Control w/Powdery Mildew Additive is used to control soft bodied pests as well as various fungal species and is safe for use on all crops.


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Green Earth Technologies’s Colloidal Pest Control utilizes a novel mode of action by creating nano-sized droplets of various essential oils blended with soap and suspended in water. This combination acts as a suocant upon direct contact and destroys the trachael system of insects. The essential oils oils in the product have various functions, and act as chitin dissolvers, repellants, and paralyzing agents as well as causing lysis in fungal species’ cellular structure causing rapid dessication. CPC w/ Powdery Mildew Additive is effective against mites, whitef.ies, blackf.ys, mosquitos, aphids, and a variety of other common house and garden type pests.


Product Specifications

pH9.3 – 9.7