Colloidal Pest Control

Green Earth Technologies’s Colloidal Pest Control is a biodegradable concentrate that is mixed with water, and administered by direct contact spray applications, or through soil drench applications. For agricultural applications the formula is administered 2-3 times per week, or as needed until the issue has been corrected, and twice weekly at half strength for preventative maintenance.


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Colloidal Pest Control can also be used in non-agricultural applications, such as for preventing mosquitos at an outdoor function or golf course. On properties with automatic lawn watering systems CPC can be retrofitted for direct injection and applied daily as a preventive and repellent.


Green Earth Technologies’s Colloidal Pest Control utilizes a novel mode of action by creating nano-sized droplets of various essential oils blended with soap and suspended in water. This combination acts a suffocant upon direct contact and destroys the tracheal system of insects rather than being an endocrine disruptor like traditional insecticides. The essential oils oils in the product have various functions, and act as chitin dissolver, repellents, and paralyzing agents.

CPC is efective against mites, white-fies, black-fys, mosquitos, aphids, and a variety of other common house and garden type pests.


Product Specifications

ColorLight Amber
pH10.3 – 10.7