Mosquito Control

Green Earth Technology’s Mosquito Control is a biodegradable concentrate that is mixed with water, and administered by direct contact spray applications, including aerial spraying, truck mounted systems, or even through a retro-tted automatic watering system for lawns.


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Mosquito Control should be applied during mosquito season generally every 3-5 days, and directly after heavy rains for the best utilization of the product. Mosquito Control can also be diluted and applied using a conventional spray bottle or through a Hudson sprayer for direct application in smaller environments.


Green Earth Technology’s Mosquito Control utilizes a novel mode of action by creating nano-sized droplets of various essential oils blended with soap and suspended in water. This combination acts a suocant upon direct contact and destroys the tracheal system of insects rather than being an endocrine disruptor like traditional insecticides. The essential oils in the product have various functions, and act as chitin dissolver, repellents, and paralyzing agents.


Product Specifications

ColorLight Amber
pH10.3 – 10.7