AG 400 Plant Growth Treatment

Green Earth Technologies AG 400 is one of an exciting new line of bio-based colloidal products formulated to overcome many of the demands in agriculture including odor control, volatile gas suppression, irrigation system cleaners, and pesticide adjuvants.


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Cleans plants safely and stops rust, mildew and other contaminates from forming

  • Reduces insect contamination
  • Breaks nutrients into smaller “bite-sized” molecules, plants feed up to 30X faster
  • Treated Plants are hardier and healthier
  • Increase exponentially, soil porosity and percolation rates
  • Desalination
  • Cleaning/degreasing
  • Reduces odors from fertilizers and crop treatments


Green Earth Technologies products are formulated using a proprietary colloidal chemistry process which produces a truly unique product. Food grade ingredients are processed to form a particle called a micelle. This micelle is the active ingredient in our cleaners; and is only one to four nanometers in size, (50 to several hundred times smaller than saponified materials in traditional soaps and detergents.) This small particle size, combined with its extremely high surface-area-to-volume ratio enable the micelles to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter. Organic nutrients are easier for plants to absorb and use.

Companion ingredients, when blended with our micelle base, are reduced to their base molecular structures or ”nano-sized”. At this sub atomic level, the properties and characteristics of certain task specific ingredients are amplified.

This is the science behind the versatility of our products. Emulsification of organics to nano-emulsions enable plants to absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently. Rather than trying to absorb large particles of nutritious organics, and slowly metabolizing these large particles, the micelles reduce the organics’ particle size to a “bite sized” chunk easily absorbed be plants.

Green Earth Technologies products have been used in agricultural settings showing dramatic improvement in yield and health of crops.

Most pests and leaf diseases are difficult to control. AG 400 dramatically reduces or repels most pests, and disrupts most parasitic diseases on the plants and washes them away. The colloidal cleaners are completely safe to use. They need no WHMIS training, or special handling or storage requirements, and bio-degrade completely within 28 days (Our colloidal base mix is even used in cosmetics products).

AG 400 is non selective in what it attacks, and works over a broad range of pH, both acidic and alkaline, which is not usually the case with enzyme formulas.


Untreated Ixora Plant

Treated Twin Ixora Plant – 1 dosage, 20 days later

Untreated Ixora Plant

Treated Tomato Plant -1 dose, 20 days later

Untreated Bougainvillea Plant

Treated Twin Bougainvillea Plant 20 days later with only one treatment

Untreated Bottle Brush Plant

Treated Bottle Brush Plant -observe the number of new shoots


  • Versatility – Proven plant response
  • Reduces regulatory Liability
  • Improved Worker Safety
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Ozone friendly
  • Free rinsing
  • Will not harm fabrics or metals, or vegetation
  • Reduction in expensive disposal methods
  • Reduced health risks to public & employees
  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Does not react with other chemicals
  • Safe for use on all surfaces

Green Earth Technologies products are actually used to clean up chlorine, hydrocarbon and other chemical spills because of their ability to denature these compounds.

AG 400 is one of the most versatile products available today, for use In agriculture. The addition of certain essential oils with known plant beneficial properties to Inventek AG400 has been successfully applied to thousands of acres of North American crops. Research is ongoing to determine the extent to which AG 400 can be used to enhance crop production practices.