Foliar Feeder

Green Earth Technology’s Foliar Feeder is a fertilizer amendment that functions as an emulsier, wetting agent, and brix enhancer. Foliar Feeder is made from a soap base of colloidal micelles combined with sugar based surfactants. This combination is specically designed to form micelle units that match in size the cellular and vascular structure of plants allowing for greater nutrient loading, retention, and utilization. This product is designed to easily mix with water and encapsulate various trace mineral and fertilizer components into micellular structures.


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Foliar Feeder overcomes the surface tension of water so that the nutrients spread and stick uniformly on the leaf surface. It then acts as an emulsier to open temporary pathways through the waxy cuticle of the leaves surface enabling greatly enhanced nutrient absorption through the epidermis and stomata and ultimate mobility throughout the entire plant using it’s vascular system.


Foliar feeding is ultimately most effective when used to apply trace minerals and also greatly aids phosphorous feeding. Trace minerals are rare in soil, and like phosphorous, they are diffcult to feed through soil applications due to an unfortunate tendency to fixate in soil by becoming bound with other metal ions making them unavailable for plants to absorb and retain.




Product Specifications

ColorLight Amber
pH8.2 – 8.5