Brake Dust Shield

G-CLEAN™ Brake Dust Shield is a proprietary formulated brake dust repellent that is made with American grown base oils that now puts the power of nanotechnology into the hands of the consumer. G-CLEAN Brake Dust Shield SHIELDS against the toughest baked on brake dust and dirt buildup while leaving a shiny protective INVISIBLE nano-coating that repels brake dust re-coating for up to 30 days. Since coating prevents brake dust from sticking to the wheel, just simply rinse away. Safe for ALL WHEEL STYLES & SURFACES., G-CLEAN Brake Dust Shield needs to be reapplied after wiping, will not rinse off.

ULTIMATE BIODEGRADABLE* and environmentally safe, G-CLEAN Brake Dust Shield is the GREEN SOLUTION when cleaning and protecting all wheel styles… satisfaction guaranteed!


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G-CLEAN bottles are 100% recyclable and the labels are printed using water based inks on recycled paper. This product will not stain driveways or harm grass, plants or ground water.

*Ultimate Biodegradable is the highest biodegradability ranking determined by ASTM Standards (2.1 ASTM D-5864)