Nanoemulsifying Floor Stripper

Made from 100% renewable source materials, our products are safe for users, safe for the environment. Green Earth Technologies’ plant based products contain NO VOC’s, NO TOXIC INGREDIENTS. Our New Colloidal Chemistry create nano-sized particles called micelles which give our products vastly superior performance. Micelles extremely small size allows our Nano Emulsifying Floor Stripper to rapidly emulsify and liquefy all floor finishes, even aged and built – up finishes. Our floor stripper may be used as a no – scrub stripper, given adequate dwell time, although agitation will create faster, cleaner results.


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Our product can be sprayed on cove moldings to soften and remove accumulations of old finishes and wax. Due to the power of nano technology, our product is the first floor stripper tough enough to strip most floors in one application, but gentle enough that it could be used as a hand cleanser. Professionals and customers that have used this product are amazed at the performance, old finishes disappear like magic. There is no need for a warning of adverse effects from skin / eye contact, ingestion, or inhalation, and even the smell is a pleasant citrus odor. No other stripper available today is able to make these claims.


Commercial, Residential, Industrial, VCT and Resilient Floors; Schools, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Public Buildings, Business Residential Homes, Airports, Recreational Areas, etc.


Use a mop to apply diluted product to floor. Work a small area at a time. Allow 15-20 min. dwell time for product to activate.* Keep the area being stripped wet through repeated application of product. Agitate with a scrubber for best results, keeping floor wet while agitating. Scrub corners and edges with a doodle pad. Remove emulsified finish and stripper with a wet vac. Rinse with clean water, and a fresh mop. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly, then apply fresh wax. ‘If stripping without a scrubber allow 30 – 45 min. dwell time, regularly re-wetting area. Scrub problem spots with a handheld doodle pad, wet – vac, rinse.
-For daily maintenance mop floors with Green Earth Technologies’ Neutral Floor Cleaner.


Product Specifications

Active Ingredients100%
ColorOpaque Amber
OdorSoapy Citrus Odor
BasePlant Extracts
Phosphate ContentNone
Solubility100% Soluble
Storage/Stability2 years
Weight per Gallon8.345 lbs./gal.
Freeze/Thaw StabilityDo not freeze