Heavy Duty Degreaser

G-CLEAN Heavy Duty Degreaser with powerful emulsifying, degreasing and dispersing properties. It’s the nano-sized particles known as micelles that are the workhorses behind the G-CLEAN products, allowing us to deliver superior performance while ensuring safety for workers as these micelles go one step further and begin a process of molecular degradation of carbon bonds. This leads to rapid decomposition as degraded organics are rendered consumable by resident bacteria.


  • Formulated from readily available plants, readily biodegradable, and will not contaminate or pollute the environment.
  • Oils and greases are easily separated from the degreaser solution and can be recycled and reclaimed.
  • There are no environmental charges or disposal fees after use.
  • It is non-corrosive and will not damage metal or plastic surfaces.
  • Safe for the user. There are no VOC’s, non-toxic, nonhazardous, and non-flammable.

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Not only is G-CLEAN Heavy Duty Degreaser the safest choice for cleaning a wide range of hydrocarbon products from most surfaces, but it is the most effective as it cuts through thick heavy build-up all the way to the surface of the item to be cleaned. In addition to lifting and removing contaminants, the product renders grease, oils and other lipids biodegradable.


  • Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Automobiles
  • Shops Refineries
  • Oil Tankers
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers


For general surface cleaning, dilute 5-10oz of concentrate to every gallon of water and apply enough product to thoroughly wet the area, allowing a minimum of 10 minutes dwell time. Agitate with a stiff brush or abrasive pad and then rinse or wipe clean. The product can also be used as a ‘spray and wipe’ for kitchen prep areas such as counters, steam tables, hoods, etc. For cleaning floors or decks, this product can be used with automatic or high pressure scrubbers. For ovens or fryers, dilute product at a ratio of 1:1, heat unit to 250 degrees F. Turn unit off and apply product allowing dwelling overnight. The following day, re-wet with product, scrub, rinse and wipe clean.


Product Specifications

Active Ingredients30%
ColorLight Amber
OdorFaint Odor
BasePlant Extracts
pH7.9 – 9.9
Phosphate ContentNone
Solubility100% Soluble
Storage/Stability2 years
Weight per Gallon8.34 lbs./gal.
Freeze/Thaw StabilityDo not freeze