Micro Fiber Towels

Heavyweight towels for long life and high performance! G-Clean Microfiber Towels are 80% polyester 20% polyamide fibers.
Microfiber picks up dirt, dust, liquid, and other soils better and faster than cotton. The perfect cleaning companion for all industries; restaurants, kitchens, Jan San, housekeeping, hospitals, automotive, and many more.


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Microfiber is more durable, lifts more dirt and dust, and holds more liquid than cotton towels.
Machine Washable and reusable.

Terry Microfiber 1O pack Glass, Stainless, porcelain shining and polishing towel
Part Number: 05401

Waffle Microfiber 1O pack
Floor and hard surface cleaning towel.
Part number: 05400


Product Specifications

MaterialPolyester/Polyamide 80/20 Blend
MeasurementYellow Shining Towel 40 x 40 cm Brown Cleaning Towel 37.5 x 45 cm
Weight50 Grams