Range Hood Cleaner

Product Description: G-Clean Range Hood Cleaner is a proprietary heavy-duty cleaner made with bio-based ingredients and the power of nanotechnology. G-Clean Range Hood Cleaner and removes the toughest baked on grease, food and other soil particles while leaving a lasting shine that shields the surface from future buildup. Safe for use on all surfaces.


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Ultimate Biodegradable and environmentally safe G-Clean Range Hood Cleaner is the GREEN SOLUTION when cleaning range hoods and other cooking surfaces… satisfaction guaranteed.


Use plastic sheeting to secure hood and effluent. Spray liberally over the entire surface starting at the top of the hood vent, allowing product to wet all surfaces and run down to the plastic sheeting and drain buckets in the kitchen. Allow product to dwell for 1-5 minutes, scrub surfaces that can be reached briskly with a metal grill brush, steel wool, or other abrasive pad, then power wash using heated steam, rinse and allow surfaces to dry.
Dispose of effluent in accordance with all local and state regulations.

*Ultimate Biodegradable is the highest biodegradability ranking determined by ASTM
Standards (2.1ASTM 0-5864)

Contains NO hazardous components under OSHA definitions.


Product Specifications

AppearanceLight Yellow
pH9.3 – 9.8
Density8.3 lbs./gal.
StabilityFreeze / Thaw Stable
Shelf LifeTypical conditions 3 years