Bitrol Short Acting

  • G-CLEAN Biotrol Short Acting is a colloidal algae and bacteria control that includes a rapid mechanism of action followed by quick degradation.
  • Useful in the prevention and control of a broad range of microorganisms.
  • Biotrol mitigates the formation of organisms that produce H2S, preventing well souring and will not allow the formation of well clogging slime from iron loving bacteria and other growth from various microorganism colonies.

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G-CLEAN Biotrol Short Acting should be used at an approximate ratio of 4,000:1 to control the formation of microorganism colonies in various fluid mediums as well as down hole. Introduce the product into the fluid medium as needed. Dispersing agents in the product will enable it to self-circulate in holding tanks or retention ponds. Circulating or mixing the fluid can accelerate this mechanism.


G-CLEAN Biotrol Short Acting is used to rapidly control and prevent the formation and growth of microorganisms in a variety of different industries and environments:

  • Drilling & Completion Fluids
  • Retention Ponds
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Cooling Towers


Product Specifications

AppearanceWater Clear
pH3.0 – 4.0
BasePlant Extracts