Casing Cutter

G-CLEAN Casing Cutter is a complex colloidal formulation containing glycolic acid that will catalyze and cause the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide. It is a multi-purpose well bore cleaner. Not only does it descale the casing, but it is used to eliminate the iron loving bacteria and resulting biological slimes that cause the plugging of screens and degrade the formulations ability to flow freely.


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The unique colloidal blend aids in the removal of mud, pipe dope, sand, barite, iron sulfide and other solids from casing and production tubing. This solvent/surfactant blend will form a nano-emulsion in water, creating billions of nanometer sized droplets. The surface area of these nano solvents allow them to penetrate and break hydrogen bonds. The solubility of the solvents aids in the removal of oil and grease from tubular. The surfactants adhere to the solids and aid in encapsulating them into the emulsified droplets, preventing their re-deposition.


G-CLEAN Casing Cutter makes quick work of well bore clean-up. The appropriately diluted product is pumped or poured directly into the well bore and then swabbed or pumped to distribute it to the entire bore diameter. It should be worked in with an adequate amount of product above the swab (3% – 5% of total solution) to facilitate a thorough saturation of the scale. Agitation is the key to a successful treatment and can be aided by circulation via pressure pump, air sparging or jetting.


G-CLEAN Casing Cutter is used in the abatement of dissolved hydrogen sulfide in:

  • Well formations
  • Waste water retention lagoons
  • Slurry pits


Product Specifications

AppearanceOpaque White
pH4.1 – 4.4
BasePlant Extracts