The safest and most effective rust preventative treatment for previously rusted is GETG’s Rust Converter. After the loose flakes of rust is mechanically removed from a surface, the Rust Converter treatment is applied.

Unlike paints and other surface applied materials, our proprietary solution transforms rust into gray/black iron phosphate which interrupts the rusting process.


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Converter chemically combines with rust and the now scarred metal to create an almost impenetrable, virtually indestructible shell which is impervious to the effects of oxygen and moisture. The bonded coating is oblivious to most forms of environmental degradation and will provide years of rust free protection

Rust and Corrosion Remover & Converter:

  • Can be used as a spray, a bath or through an injection process
  • Leaves a permanent chemically bonded surface coating to prevent rust from re-occurring.
  • Will not damage or contaminate metals or welds

Additional benefits:

  • Reduced work safe costs and worker safety issues disappear as no breathing apparatus, gloves, special clothing or special equipment other than standard safety goggles are needed.
  • There are no environmental charges or disposal fees after use.
  • It is non-corrosive and will not damage metal or plastic surfaces.

GETG’s Rust Converter is a concentrated blend of readily biodegradable ingredients which revert back to their original state when in contact with naturally occurring micro-organisms, oxygen and water.

This product is NOT for use on non-ferrous metals.

It is compatible with many surfaces and will not harm most glass, hoses, decals, plastic, rubber or vinyl and paints.
Effective for use on most painted surfaces for removal of surface rust.


  • Shake well before use. Avoid freezing.
  • Remove all oil, grease, salt or other chemicals with a strong water soluble cleaner such as GETG’s HD Degreaser.
  • Remove blistered or loose paint, loose rust scale, and heavy rust buildup. *Do not remove all rust as product performs best when a thin layer of rust remains on the surface.
  • Pour estimated amount of Rust Converter to be used into clean container. Excess material cannot be returned to original container use.
  • Avoid getting on skin. Work GETG’s Rust Converter into surface with a nylon bristle brush. For large areas product can be rolled on or applied using an HVLP spray gun.
  • 2nd coat must be applied 20 – 30 minutes after first coat. Only apply to areas small enough to add 2nd coat within this window. 2nd coat should be applied in a cross direction to the first.
  • Allow to dry for 24 hours. Rust and Corrosion Converter will dry to a matte black finish.
  • Clean up equipment immediately after application using water and GETG’s HD Degreaser. Once Rust Converter dries it will be difficult to impossible to remove.
  • Apply Rust Converter when the temp is between 10°C – 32°C (50°F – 90°F). Avoid direct sunlight and windy conditions. Apply to dry or damp (not wet) surfaces only.



Product Specifications

ColourOpaque White
pH3.1 – 3.3
BasePlant Extracts
Persistence & DegradabilityReadily Biodegradable