Aqueous Based Defoamer

G-CLEAN Aqueous Based Defoamer is a superior product for controlling foaming issues in drilling, completion, wastewater and other industrial operations and applications where de-foaming is necessary. It also provides excellent de-foaming and foam control in various conditions including brines, freshwater, oil or aqueous solutions and can be used with any pH from alkaline to acidic.


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Add G-CLEAN Aqueous Based Defoamer as needed into the system or process where foam must be controlled or eliminated. The product is effective from 25 PPM – 1000 PPM, depending on the conditions. It does not require pre-dilution to completely and rapidly control foam. For quick removal of foam in tanks and other exposed areas a diluted solution of defoamer can be sprayed over area. Dilute product 500:1 for system overspray applications.


G-CLEAN Aqueous Based Defoamer is used in the removal and prevention of undesirable foam in:

  • Drilling Operations
  • Completion Fluids
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Industrial Cleaning and other Processes


Product Specifications

AppearanceOpaque off White
pH5 – 7
BasePlant Extracts