• G-CLEAN Oil Field Degreaser is an extremely effective cleaner that breaks down and removes dirt and hydrocarbon soils on contact.
  • This product is a colloidal cleaner that acts on contact to begin degrading long chain hydrocarbons, cutting hydrogen bonds and isolating individual molecules.
  • For ultimate performance and safety, use G-CLEAN bio-based solutions.

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This process renders the now short chain hydrocarbons easily digestible to resident bacteria. The effluent and hydrocarbons will degrade 98.98% within 28 days, removing the need to collect and dispose of runoff or rinse water. This product is available pre-ordered to specific dilutions and for specific tasks.


G-CLEAN Oil Field Degreaser may be safely applied to many surfaces for removal of dirt and hydrocarbon contaminants.. For treatment of large areas, product may be applied by spraying with pressure washer or any suitable pump that is equipped with a chemical inductor or feed pump. For small areas, product may be applied with a small sprayer, scrubber, or mop. This product is free rinsing with both fresh and salt water.


This product is Ready To Use (RTU). For general surface cleaning, apply enough product to thoroughly wet area, agitate and then rinse clean. Best results are obtained by allowing solution to soak for a least 5-10 minutes to soften the oil deposits. Reapplication may be necessary in heavily contaminated areas. When using a power washer or sprayer, apply product at mid pressure (approximately 100 PS() and adjust pressure and angle of the hose to achieve optimum results.

Product Specifications

AppearanceLight Amber
pH7 – 9
BasePlant Extracts