Dispersant And Surface Washing Agent

G-CLEAN OSC 1809 Surface Washing Agent is an extremely effective dispersing agent that breaks down and separates dirt and hydrocarbon in soils on contact. This product is a colloidal cleaner that acts on contact to begin degrading long chain hydrocarbons, cutting hydrogen bonds and isolating individual molecules. This process renders the now short chain hydrocarbons easily digestible to resident bacteria. The effluent and encapsulated hydrocarbons will degrade 98.98% within 28 days, removing the need to collect and dispose of runoff or rinse water.

  • Listed on the United States National Disaster Contingency list of products applicable for oil spill disasters.
  • Used in some of the most high profile spills in the US including the the spill in the gulf of mexico and many others.
  • Biodegradable, Safe on human and animal contact.
  • Combined with our proprietary mechanical soil remediation solution to create a modular and movable disaster remediation solution.

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During the Gulf Oil Spill, G-CLEAN OSC 1809 received USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for use as a surface washing agent.

Surface Washing Agents are identified as a product that will clean and remove oil once it has migrated to the shoreline or beaches. Surface Washing Agents are primarily used on solid surfaces and objects; however, if they are non-toxic, then they can be used on plants and or animals. These products are the final line of defense in the abatement of oil spills (according to the EPA’s NCP: Definitions – 40 CFR 300.5). Surface washing agent is any product that removes oil from solid surfaces, such as beaches and rocks, through a detergency mechanism and does not involve dispersing or solubilizing the oil into the water column.

G-CLEAN OSC 1809 (formally G-MARINE OSC 1809) satisfies the requirements contained in Title 40 of the CFR section 300.915 of the United States of America – National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP), as it is listed on the NCP Product Schedule under the Surface Washing Agent category. The surface washing agent may now be authorized for use by Federal On-Scene Coordinators in accordance with 40 CFR Section 300.910 and is posted on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website in the Product Schedule and the Technical Notebook.

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For general surface cleaning, dilute product as per instructions, applying enough product to thoroughly wet area, agitate, rinse or wipe clean. Best results are obtained by allowing diluted solution to soak for at least 30 minutes to soften the oil deposits. Reapplication may be necessary in severely contaminated areas. When using a power washer or sprayer, apply diluted product at mid pressure (approximately 100 PSI) and adjust pressure and angle of the hose to achieve optimum results.


G-CLEAN OSC 1809 Surface Washing Agent may be safely applied to many surfaces for removal of dirt and hydrocarbon contaminants. Select proper dilution according to directions. For treatment of large areas, properly diluted product may be applied by spraying with pressure washer or any suitable pump that is equipped with a chemical inductor or feed pump. For small areas, properly diluted product may be applied with a small sprayer, scrubber, mop, etc. This product is free rinsing with fresh and/or salt water.





Product Specifications

AppearanceLight Amber
pH8.0 – 9.8
BasePlant Extracts