Internal And External Storage Tank Cleaner

G-CLEAN Storage Tank Cleaner is designed for breaking down and removing hydrocarbons, asphaltenes and waxes from tanks used to store crude or distillates from the field to the refinery. It is designed to make the difficult work of cleaning oil storage tanks easier while increasing worker safety. Produced and manufactured through a proprietary process that forms incredibly small particles called micelles that are approximately one to four nanometers in size, these particles create an extremely high surface area to volume ratio in the product, enabling the micelles to penetrate and emulsify the hydrocarbon molecules.


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G-CLEAN Storage Tank Cleaner leaves behind an invisible polymer residue that aids in preventing re-adherence of contaminants to the tank, so that cleaning with this product becomes easier with each use.

G-CLEAN Storage Tank Cleaner is both an effective oil tank cleaner and bio-remediation agent for cleaning waste. When activated with water, the product forms an emulsion of nano-sized micelles that penetrate the hydrocarbon mass, thus reducing the viscosity and allowing it to be readily pumped from the tank, typically to an API pit or portable tank (i.e. “frac” tank). The waste product is then bio-remediated so that it can be used as fill dirt or road amendment.

The inherent safety of the product allows oil tanks to be cleaned with a limited requirement for personnel entry and a reduction in the number or required confined space entries, enhancing employee safety while effectively cleaning the tank.


Pre-dilute product as per instructions and then apply with a pressure washer, sprayer or pump. Thoroughly and completely wet the tank, allowing the product to dwell. Pump out effluent and then pressure wash to rinse. This product is free rinsing in both fresh and salt water.


G-CLEAN Frac Tank Cleaner + Water Treatment is used for cleaning hydrocarbon storage tanks.


Vessel Tank After

Vessel Tank After

Storage Tank Before

Storage Tank After


Product Specifications

ColourDark Amber
pH7.0 – 9.8
BasePlant Extracts