GETG’s Petcoke Liquifier is a concentrated blend of readily biodegradable ingredients which revert back to their original state when in contact with naturally occurring micro-organisms, oxygen and water.

In its diluted form, product is compatible with all surfaces and will not harm or damage substrates.

This safe-to-use nano-formulation is designed with a combination of surfactants and solvents to separate hydrocarbon molecules from their attachment to all manner of substrates and to liquify the solids.


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The now liquified petcoke is easily removed from the vessel and negates the need for caustics, mechanical separation equipment or man-entry processes.

Liquified petcoke in a bath of GETG’s solution will demulsify as it cools, making petcoke available for re-entry into the transportation network or for further processing. The remaining GETG product can be separated and re-utilized for the next cleaning cycle.

This water miscible product will not harm substrates and carries a ZERO
hazard rating making it safe for employees and the environment.

Petcoke Liquification formulation:

  • Dilute with fresh, produced or salt water or with diesel fuel.
  • Is non-flammable and contains no Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s)

Petcoke Liquification formulation:

  • Worker safety costs and liabilities are reduced
  • Worker safety issues are minimized as no breathing apparatus, gloves, special clothing or equipment is required to handle product.
  • Handling/transportation and storage costs are decreased.



Product formulation is a super-concentrate. Product efficacy is activated by dilution with fresh, produced or salt water or with diesel fuel.
Product use strategy is dependent on:
1. Dilution Medium:

  • a) Produced water will require a lower dilution rate than fresh water. The dilution variable is dependent on the hydrocarbon concentration in the produced water
  • b) Petcoke Liquefier will require lower concentrations of product when diluted with diesel fuel.

2. Temperature is an essential ingredient in removing and liquefying petcoke. Process temperature combined with the dilution strategy will determine the speed of liquification.

  • a) Recommended temperatures range from 260C (800F) to 2200C (4300F).
  • b) If used in conjunction with steam, product may be added prior to, or; after the burner.

3. Agitation:

  • a) Tanks & Vessels:
    • Vertical surface: Apply product with broom, brush or pressure washer and allow to dwell
    • Vessel floor: Inject diluted product and aggressively recirculate tank contents. Allow to dwell and liquify petcoke before removing contents.
  • b) Pipelines & exchangers should have diluted product recirculated with turbulent flow until satisfactory results are achieved. Reapplication may be required.

4. Dwell Time:

  • a) It is critical to recognize that depth of petcoke on substrate will determine dwell time
  • b) Vertical surfaces may require longer dwell times. The inability for liquids to remain insitu will require reduced dilution rates and may also require re-application.

Test dilution rates, temperature, agitation levels and dwell time in lab or on-site prior to liquification process.

Contact your GETG representative or distributor for further assistance in determining optimum results for your application.



Product Specifications

ColourDark Amber
OdourSoapy Odour
pH9.2 – 9.6
BasePlant Extracts
Persistence & DegradabilityReadily Biodegradable