Frac Water Treatment Viscosity Reducer

G-CLEAN Frac Water Treatment Viscosity Reducer is a complex colloidal formulation designed to significantly reduce viscosity and prevent re-gelling in flow back and produced frac water from oil and gas operations. Used as a pre-treatment for heavy produced muds before mechanical processing or as a standalone solution for light to medium water treatment and separation.

  • Decrease time and turnaround before reusing water downhole.
  • Preserves as much of the original chemical matrix as possible to allow for maximum recycling effect.
  • Reduces wear and tear on mechanical separators, centrifuges and filters.
  • Minimize water wastage and transportation costs while being able to reclaim embedded hydrocarbons.

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This product also aids in emulsifying gel fragments and breaking the bonds to guar gum, friction reducers, drilling fluids and hydro carbons in the fluid matrix. The amount of filtration necessary to prepare the brine for reuse or disposal is minimal to nothing. If the brine is going to be recycled for use in another well, then this product allows for easy rehydration with most friction reducers and thickening agents.


Add 5 gallons of G-CLEAN Frac Water Treatment Viscosity Reducer to every 100 barrels of brine in the frac tanks. Attach a recirculating pump (preferably with a high shear capability) and run pump until all the fluid in the tank has been recirculated.


G-CLEAN Frac Water Treatment Viscosity Reducer is used to reduce overall viscosity and to aid in the emulsifying of gel fragments in:

  • Flow Back and Produced Water


Product Specifications

AppearanceDark Amber
pH7.0 – 9.8
BasePlant Extracts