GFE – Produced Water & Mud Treatment

G-CLEAN Gel Fragment Emulsifier is a complex colloidal formulation that is specially designed to treat flow-back and produced water that is heavily laden with gel fragments and hydrocarbons dispersed throughout the fluid matrix.

  • This product emulsifies and solubilizes gel fragments, breaking the bonds that holds produced water or mud together, such as  guar gum, friction reducers, drilling fluids and hydrocarbons.
  • Excellent solution as a pretreatment for produced mud before mechanical separation and water extraction. Helping to reduce time and wear on machinery.
  • Standalone treatment solution for produced water to extract and separate the water and fluids from soil and sediment.
  • Embedded hydrocarbons are separated into and easy to extract layer for quick reclamation.

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Once treated, flow-back and produced water from oil and gas operations that was previously heavily saturated with gel fractions has only a slight scum floating on the surface which is fully rinse able and miscible with agitation. The amount of filtration necessary to prepare the brine for reuse or disposal is minimal to nothing.. If the brine is going to be recycled for use in another well, then this product allows for easy rehydration with most friction reducers and thickening agents.


Add 5 gallons of G-CLEAN Gel Fragment Emulsifier to every 100 barrels of brine in the frac tanks. Attach a recirculating pump (preferably with a high shear capability) and run pump until all the fluid in the tank has been recirculated.


G-CLEAN GFE is designed to reduce the size of suspended particles below the threshold where they are able to generate substantial friction, reducing or eliminating the need for filtration, and preparing fluids for reuse or disposal.
Designed for:

  • Flow Back and Produced Water


Product Specifications

AppearanceDark Amber
pH6 – 8
BasePlant Extracts