Steam Generation Multiplier

G-CLEAN Steam-x3 is a revolutionary solution designed to dramatically reduce the surface tension if water for the enhanced production of steam for use in manufacturing, petro drilling, extraction, cleaning and almost any commercial application of steam.


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Additional benefits of the Steam-x3 solution include reduced surface tension of the water molecules, allowing the steam to do more “work” with the same or less volume, such as turning turbines and longer transmission runs in piping – by reducing contact friction.

The enhanced volume of steam is correlated to the quality of water, but customers can produce between 150% to 300% more steam using the same amount of energy, or up to a 40% reduction in input energy for the same volume of steam.


G-CLEAN Steam-x3 should be used at an approximate ratio of between 5,000:1 to 20,000:1 depending on water quality.


G-CLEAN Steam-x3 is used as a water additive in almost any industrial application and generation of steam.

  • Petro Ceaning, remediation, processing and refining
  • Manufacturing
  • Steam turbines
  • Heat transmission
  • Energy use reduction
  • And many other applications


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