Well Stimulation and Dispersants

GETG - Well Wake Up!

well wake up

Next-Generation Bio-Based Nano-Technology Solutions For The Oil & Gas Industry

Well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) plays an important role in oil production.
Nanoemulsion fluids like Green Earth Technologies Well Wake Up! solutions are used to enhance the efficiency of these processes.

Well Wake Up is designed to be used in conjunction with water or brine to improve water flooding recovery. The EOR mechanisms mainly includes disjoining pressure, pore channels plugging, viscosity increase of injection fluids, IFT reduction, wettability alteration and preventing asphaltene precipitation.

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Transportation and Storage

Easy logistic! Well Wake Up is safe for people and ecology, so you don’t need special delivery. Transportation can be easily made by DHL

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Safe for staff

No need in respirators and other special biohazard equipment. Just regular hygiene: wash your hands and thats all

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100% biodegradable

Ecologically safe solution. You no need to worry accidents damage for environment. Well Wake Up is safe for soil and ecology

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Well Stimulation Cost Comparison

cost reduction

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