WELL WAKE UP! Green Pill

G-CLEAN Well Wake UP! Green Pill is a non-diluted post stimulation application to remove subsequent obstructions following stimulation treatments of either asphaltene, paraffin or condensate. GETG has developed a safe and clean way to address the issue of enhanced oil recovery without the use of superheated steam or dangerous acids that may contaminate oil. Unlike toluene and other benzenes, the product is not a solvent and will never mix with or degrade the oil. After treatment, the oil is not compromised and is fully compatible with production facilities as well as refining processes.


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The amount of product necessary will vary depending on the depth of the well, the size of the bore, specific down-hole conditions and the type of crude as well as the substantiation of specific formation restrictions. Once a diagnosis is made, then the process involves a non-diluted one part post stimulation application to remove subsequent obstructions applied through a surface pump only after original stimulation with any of the two part G CLEAN Well Wake UP! Remedies has occurred and production has started to go down. Upon completion of treatment, the oils and the contaminants will be pumped out with the initial flow (into a Baker or holding tank) and can be easily separated for disposal.


G-CLEAN Well Wake UP! Green Pill is an in between ‘on-going’ treatment as needed for stimulation and cleaning of wells with all obstructions (asphaltene, paraffins or condensate) per instructions.


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